Excellence in Arabian Horses

Celebrating our 13th year breeding, raising, and training Arabians horses, we continue to be enchanted by the beauty, versatility, and exceptional performance of the Modern Arabian horse. 

We are a small sustainable ranch located in Durham California. Here we strive to incorporate sound management practices in all parts of our operations.

Ours horses are treated with kindness and respect using Traditional and Vaquero methods.

Patience, Practice, and Praise is the key to our success.

Our goal is to breed the finest bloodlines to improve the modern Arabian horse, producing an exceptional mount that can excel in halter and performance, in order to  become your lifelong partner. 


We invite you to visit our ranch and experience for yourself the magic and beauty of our Arabian horses.

Offering an outstanding Farm stay experience, allow us to introduce you to some of the finest Arabian bloodlines in the Americas.

We have Arabian horses and Suri Alpacas for sale. We can support you as you develop your skills or  develop your horse to be the perfect partner for you.

At Sterling Creek Ranch we can assist you in training, layups, and rehabilitating your horse. We work closely with several of the best breeding and rehab veterinarians in Northern California.  

Come and visit us, see our foals, and experience a new approach to raising, training, and breeding Arabian horses. 

There is an Arabian horse for everyone, come and experience the magic! You will not be disappointed.

Sterling Tsultan (Aria Egzalt X Affirmation) one year old May 22, 2013
Affirmaation 2008 Mare
Sterling TSultan at Liberty in the pasture