Have been in love with Arabian Horses since childhood growing up in Western New York State.
I rode and showed Quarter horses and then Arabians in Erie County, NY.

Attended my first Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show
In 1974. I was hooked and never looked back. Working and training my horses, I have discovered that Arabians are a mirror and pathway to your Soul. They have helped me to learn, to heal, to be happy, and have  so greatly added to my Life.

In 1983 I moved to California settling in Half Moon Bay while working in Silicon Valley.  In late 2001 I visited Durham and noticed how similar it was to the community I grew up in and decided to make it my new home. We seek a conservative approach to breeding to only the finest stallions creating exceptional Arabians suitable for performance in multiple disciplines, and horses which will remain sound throughout their lifetimes.

Sterling Creek Ranch was established in 2007, moving to a larger country location just outside Durham, CA. I am passionate about showing, breeding and raising Arabian horses, and also have a small herd of registered Peruvian Suri Alpacas. We have horses and alpacas For Sale.

  I am training my horses to be safe and suitable companions for anyone young or old!. 
We sponsor classes, support and participate in the Region III Arabian Horse Association shows and other regional equine events. Often I can be found riding in Durham and in the mountains above where I live in Northern California, Oregon, and Nevada.

We attend the annual Scottsdale Arabian show for more than two decades.
This show is the largest Arabian show in the world and the level of competition is superb.

Really looking forward to seeing all my friends and cheering for our partner ranches at West World each February and in the Fall. 

I am a member of Arabian Horse Association, and a board member with the Cal-Norte Arabian Horse club within AHA. Within this effort I seek to lower the threshold of access to new people, especially young people, interested in owning, caring for and showing Arabian horses.
Its the kids and youth riders that are the key to our success  and the Arabian breed itself.

Of all equine breeds, you will discover that your Arabian can do anything and excel in many disciplines all the while creating a Lifelong Partnership that will truly touch your Soul.

There is an Arabian horse for You and it will change your Life. Let us show you the path!

Robbie's Little Dreamer with James Conway